Does Titan Backup work on Windows Vista?

Titan Backup works on all Windows platforms, including Windows Vista. (Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT).

I downloaded the program, but when I run it says "could not initialize installation (CRC)". What is wrong?

This error probably appears because of a bad or incomplete download. We suggest that you download the program again, and consider using a download manager that can recover/resume broken downloads.

What is a backup task?

The basic concept in Titan Backup is the Task concept. A backup task is a collection of information that defines a backup: the task name, the items that will be backed up, the location where the backup will be saved and backup options that will instruct Titan Backup on backup parameters. A task can be a one-off task, or a recurring (scheduled) task.

Titan Backup saves all this information in a .TBT file that is copied along with the backup every time you run the backup task. You can create as many tasks as you want and change the information saved in a backup task anytime you want. The saved task (TBT file) can be used later to restore any given backup, or to simply import an older task in your current task list.

With the task concept Titan Backup automates your usual backup operations so that you will not have to take the same steps every time you want to create a backup of your important data. So instead of gathering all your data every time you want to create a backup, with Titan Backup you will just create a backup task and run it any time you want.

Titan Backup allows you to schedule your tasks so that they can run even in your absence.

It is safe to backup the Registry keys?

YES, it is safe to backup the Registry Keys. However this function is only recommended for experienced users. 

What are the storage devices I can backup on?

Titan Backup allows you to backup your data on virtually any storage device: you can backup on internal or external hard disks, on local area network locations (LAN), CD/DVD media, removable media devices (USB sticks, memory sticks, flash memory, floppy disks, ZIP disks, JAZ, etc.), remote locations using FTP with upload auto-resume.

Does it backup open files?

Yes, Titan Backup can backup open files, using the Volume Shadow Copy Service provided by Windows. You must have Windows XP with at least SP1 and Administrative rights for this service to work.

Why should I use the Events feature? How can this help me?

The Events feature provides some very useful information for any Titan Backup user. You can use the Events feature to configure the external applications you want to run before or after a backup task runs. This can be very helpful if the files you want to backup are usually changed by theseexternal applications.

Using the Events feature you can configure different ways in which Titan Backup should notify you when errors or warnings occur whilst either creating a backup or when a backup task is completed. Titan Backup can notify you about these in 3 ways: by playing a specific sound, by displaying a window giving details or by sending you an email with detailed information on the event.

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