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Titan Backup is an innovative cloud-based data protection platform created with security and reliability in mind. Join in and enjoy a different perspective on traditional backup methods.

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Forget these struggles with Titan Backup

Unintentional mistakes

One wrong click and… the screen is blank. Whether the impact is small or big, there’s nothing you can do to restore accidentally deleted codes, templates files, or product collection. The data loss is inevitable.

Leaving a part of data behind

Anyone who is still using CSV files for manual backup knows the struggle of not being able to export most of the formats. Yes, you’ve guessed it – that remaining data is likely to be lost forever.

Unreliable parties

It’s hard to carry the weight of the business single-handedly, and that’s where third-party apps come into play. However, a single bug can cause the app to go down, and in most cases, you can go down with them, too.

Software attacks

When it comes to malware viruses no one is safe– from the Shopify store itself to individual computers with access to the data. Malicious software may ‘attack’ when you least expect them, leading to the store immediately shutting down.

Dangerous hacking and carding

Think that no hacker would even bother to try and corrupt your data? Well, you better think twice, since the danger may be closer than you think, especially if your protection is temptingly weak.

Natural disasters

Imagine you’re successfully running a business, and one day you have to start from scratch. It’s hard to come up with a scenario worse than this, but it’s exactly what happens in 40% of cases when natural disaster hits.

Modern solutions for modern backup problems

Obtain constant backup

We care about your data and perform daily incremental backups to save your information. Thanks to Titan Backup, you can preserve your data with unlimited on-demand backups.

Restore data

Access the backup data without any complications using the automated and on-demand backup features. No matter the date, size, or format – Titan Backup got you covered.

Locate the data

Forget about helpless scrolling through pages of files and take advantage of the ‘Fast data search’ option to locate the current data or specific backup in no time.

Compare backup files

Compare the data face-to-face between snapshots of your choice. Switch between different snapshots to check the related records and the whole data hierarchy.

Spot the alterations

Instantly see the quantity and quality of record modifications that occurred between snapshots. Use the ‘Compare’ feature for a detailed overview.

Get activity reports

Want to monitor data loss protection status? Run weekly and monthly reports to find out where you stand at.

Security-first solution

Our service has:

256-bit encryption
Intrusion detection
99.9% Uptime
Virtual Private Cloud
Compartmentalized Access
Global Datacenters
GDPR Compliance
CCPA Compliance
AWS-Built code

Our data centers are:

HIPAA Compliant

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