Your Company And Office 365

The cornerstone of any efficient work environment would definitely have to be the programs and software that you make available to your employees (as well as to yourself). It’s important to know what you need in order to stay as efficient as possible, businesses aren’t always going to accomplish the same things which means they’re going to have different needs when it comes to implementing programs and such; Microsoft Office 365 is incredibly versatile and fits most company “schemes” though.

Office 365 is the “Cloud” version of the original Office, which is great for many different reasons. Everything is located on the “Cloud Server” itself, which means there’s no more physical limitations when it comes to getting things done. You simply make your payments through an online payment processor, set up your Office 365 account, then you just download everything you need in order to work efficiently. This is great for those who don’t really have the time to fiddle with the physical installation of programs in the workplace.

The “Cloud” is simply a term that people in the technological industry use to describe a hosting service that isn’t on-site. That means that everything data related to your projects and your work environment are safely stored on the cloud server, and only the cloud server “technicians” will be able to access it without the proper authorization. The files are uploaded and synchronized with Windows SkyDrive (which the official name for Microsoft’s Cloud server), which is also used for other Microsoft products like computers and the brand-new Xbox One.

This is very efficient, because it allows people to gain access to files that may be in a completely different location, or simply ones that are on devices without Office. Not only can you locate files with ease, you can store all of your important files on the server with the utmost ease.

It’s a rather cheap protocol to implement into your office, as the annual cost is £31.20 (per user that is), which isn’t going to break any businesses banks (it shouldn’t!). Many of the average technological consumers these days have been using the desktop version of Office for years and years now, while Office 365 and Office Web Apps are brand new additions to the Microsoft “workforce” family.

Not only is it relatively easy to use and incredibly beneficial to businesses all across the world, it’s also got over 1TB of storage for you on the OneDrive (to be specific it’s a whopping 1000GB, which recently has been increased from 25GB). If that isn’t enough to “convert” you to Office 365, do a bit of research for yourself or maybe contact a reseller who can tell you more such as Sphere IT who are an IT Support Company in London.

While office 365 is boasts a reliable up time and generally thing don’t go wrong their support can be a little on the slow side and mostly you will need to raise a support ticket should anything not operate properly or you need assistance with setting your Office 365 organisation. In this case it might be prudent to contact an office 365 reseller such as Sphere IT which we already mentioned to assist you in this transition.